Madonna paperdoll; ink on paper, 1994. A fresh scan before I send her to her new home…

Olive, a work in progress by Molly Kiely. Ink, 2013.

Thorn, a work in progress (by Molly Kiely, 2013).

Fortitude, 2007; by Molly Kiely. Ink and pigment on parchment.

Jeannies on bottles; recently unearthed, from 2003.

Title: He Got Better Things for You Artist: Mary Margaret O'Hara 0 plays

Mary Margaret O’Hara: He Got Better Things for You. From the Harry Smith Project.

Luisa, after Augustus John; raw pigment on canvas by Molly Kiely, 2012.

My Hildegard von Bingen piece on the cover of the Turkish magazine Radikal. Click for more images from The Graphic Canon Vol. 1.

"If he smiled much more, the ends of his mouth might meet behind…" Alice and Humpty Dumpty from Volume 2 of The Graphic Canon. Illustration by Molly Kiely, 2011.

A recent work, (as yet) untitled. Watercolour, raw pigments, ink, and prismacolour on illustration board.