Sketchbook cover; 2014. Design and ink by Molly Kiely, colour by Bruce Gulick.

Alan Watts; illustration 2014 by Molly Kiely.

Ravana (with unerased pencil scribbles); illustration 2012 by Molly Kiely.

Page 7 of “Divers”, a 20pp story in the upcoming Smut Peddler 2014 anthology. (By me. [Molly.])

Selfportrait in motel chair; 2012 by Molly Kiely.

Robot, Monkey, Angel; 2014 by Molly Kiely. Colour version to come…

Title: Mandala Artist: Black Sun Ensemble 9 plays

¬°Good morning! Black Sun Ensemble. Mandala.

Cowgirl I Love You; illustration by Molly Kiely, 2014. Available as an incentive print at the $95 level: Smut Peddler Kickstarter.

Goddess of the Sonoran Desert. Ink on bristol by Molly Kiely, digitally coloured by Bruce Gulick. 2014.

Chronkite and Tecopa Jane. Ink on bristol, 2014.